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How To Set Up Your Social Profile

Social Media Icons

How To Set Up Your Social Profile

Social Media Basics

Setting up a social media profile is becoming more essential for businesses every single day, so I’m here today to help you set up your own. Before you start, you must remember what image and reputation you would like for your business, this prior knowledge will allow you to be consistent with your posts and overall social branding.

Hint – Don’t always go for the hard sell on your social media, it isn’t your website or store! People like to follow engaging and interesting businesses so try and show off your social skills and interact with your followers!


Instagram is the most upcoming business social media platform and for us, at Elemental Media, I believe it is our most important social media platform, this is where our audience interacts with us the most so it is crucial for us to upkeep our profile. We usually post at least once a day!

Profile Image

Having your branding on your profile should definitely be your first step. The Instagram profile image is viewed at 110px x 110px on mobile and 180px x 180px on the web. With this said it is always a good idea to upscale a bit more than this for quality reasons. I suggest uploading to Instagram at 360px x 360px as this will scale nicely with their cropping tools. Another note for Instagram is to remember your image/logo will appear in a circle, so try to keep anything relevant within that circle as it will be cropped out and not look so good!

Instagram Profile Picture Template

And that’s about it for branding on Instagram! The rest is up to you to put out consistent and engaging content. A good way to keep up with your self is to start with a plan, it’s what all great marketing successes have! Also, don’t forget on Instagram to put your website link in your bio as you cannot link on posts or stories until you reach 10’000 followers which is quite a milestone. You can also set up Instagram to be a business account so you can add extra buttons such as ‘Call’ & ‘Email’, etc.


So Twitter is a bit different to Instagram, it’s great with connecting with other businesses. You can use several methods relevant to your location, we use a weekly service called #Worcestershirehour which is great for extra exposure in the social profile world and can clearly see positive results. Check out if there’s a weekly hour by you!

Profile Image

The same goes for Twitter as it does for Instagram regarding the profile picture, branding first! However, there is an extra step for Twitter as it uses header images for your profile, however, we’ll get to that later. The Twitter profile picture size is recommended to be at 400px x 400px. As 400px by 400px is a good size, there should be no need to upscale for quality reasons. Twitter also uses a circle style so remember to keep within the restraints!

Twitter Profile Picture Template

Header Image

So the header picture is a good way to present visitors with your vital information, such as contact information, location, etc. It is also a good way to show off a nice design which works well with your companies trade like what’ve done with our Twitter – twitter.com/helloelemental. The Twitter header size is recommended to be uploaded at 1500px x 500px. Just beware that there is a little section covered up by your logo on the web where the two overlaps, but it’s responsive to your screen size so I wouldn’t worry about it just don’t put anything important at the bottom left!

Twitter Header Image Template


So with Facebook it’s very similar to Twitter with regards to profile picture and header picture layout, however you can be a bit more adventurous with Facebooks headers and Profile media as you can add videos to them instead of images, this can work very well with animations and such but if you don’t have the resources then don’t worry! They aren’t essential, just a nice touch.

Profile Image

The profile picture sits at a nice 360px x 360px just like you should do for Instagram, initially on your page the image/video will appear as a square, although on comments and on the news feed your profile media will appear as a circle, so stick the previous rules of keeping your logo within the circle for best results!

Facebook Profile Picture Template

Header Image

The header image is slightly different to Twitter, it sits at 820px x 312px and doesn’t display on mobile, but it’s still a good way to provide information just like Twitter.

Facebook Header Image Template

I hope this information has been useful to you and hope it will serve you if your new to social media or just looking to update your images! Remember to be engaging and interactive for your followers, be consistent and my last hint is to use hashtags effectively! Hashtags are a great way to spread to different audiences on social media, especially on Twitter and Instagram.


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Thank you for reading and you can check out our social media below!

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