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Firefly Drinks

Designed and produced with care, filled with creative
elements and fun.

First step:

So, what do we have to do?

We were sent a very specific brief about what was needed and so we had to ensure had the right production services team in place to fulfil this request.  Firefly wanted a series of videos to launch their new branding but also needed a portfolio of photographs that would compliment the videos and vice versa.

Second step:
ideas and organising

Ok, so now how do we do it?

One of the best bits of the process is sitting down and going through ideas.  Firstly we looked at different ways to show how to make these new cocktail drinks as we had to take into account where it will be shown as this project was purely for social media platforms.  We also looked at a new way for them to showcase the drink and this was to use a Cinemagraph.

Once the ideas were signed off we then organised the crew and locations for the video and photo shoot in London

Third step:

Everything comes together perfectly on the day!

Showtime!  Production involved having two different set ups in the amazing Cub Lyan bar in East London.  Having the two different set ups allowed us to have a dedicated space for the photographs and one for the video.

A system had already been worked out in the planning stage so we were able to ensure we got all the variations of the cocktails and mocktails filmed and photographed.

Fourth step:
post production & delivery

Designed and built with care

The final fun part of the process and that is bringing together all the footage and photos and editing them all.  The photos had to have a distinct light and bright feel to them as he product is all about being fun and fresh so you can see the team at Stefanie Calleja-Gera did an amazing job.

The videos had to resized and edited to ensure they looked perfect on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  This meant providing slightly different edits to fit each of the platforms.  The final edit was of the Cinemagraph, which turned out really well with the added motion graphics.

View Videos Here