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Goodbye Facebook

Inspired by the guys at Nusii we decided to pull the plug on Facebook? A bold move I hear you say (you thought it, right?), maybe even a stupid move? But bear with me....

Don’t Let The Blinds Go Down On Me

George The Goldfish Say hello to George! He is one of our most valued clients. George (Micheal (no one knows who was named after who (he claims))) came to us with a very important message for us humans about goldfishes like himself to make sure people stop putting the blinds down on him.   By this, he means when...

St Pauls Carnival – Bristol

So last Saturday (6th of June) I had the pleasure of going to St Paul's Carnival in Bristol. In short, it was incredible, the music was amazing, the food smelt delicious (unfortunately, I didn't have the patience to wait for any though(I was too excited)) and the sense of community was great too. St Pauls Carnival is...

5G – On Its Way.

When Will It Arrive? 5G is on its the way an is going to be at least 20 times faster than 4G, which is definitely impressive.   As you can see in the image, 5G is nearly ready to roll out in England, there will be many extras uses for 5G there are already reports for the NHS to...

‘How To Pioneer’ Animation Project

Over the last couple of months, we have been lucky enough to work with the Church of England. We have had the pleasure of creating a five-part animation series to help advertise their new book 'How to Pioneer' written by David Male. The basis of the book is to help Christians follow and help others to...