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Essential Documents for your Primary School Website Ofsted 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the essential information every UK primary school must have on their website. From admissions policies and Ofsted reports to curriculum details and safeguarding measures, we've compiled all the key elements required by law and best practice. Whether you're a parent looking for vital school information or a school administrator ensuring...

SMS Marketing For Your Business

SMS Marketing SMS (text) marketing is MASSIVE and is being utilised by all successful companies and is only growing with new features and also in its potential reach to your clients!   Why is SMS Marketing so successful? The main reason for such a high success rate with SMS marketing is because texts are the most responsive way to gain a...

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance and Why You Should Always Keep Your Website Plugins Updated. Website Maintenance and regular updates are crucial for better website performance. We are constantly being told to update our mobile phones or the operating systems we use on the laptops that we use, and more. But if you use a WordPress website, you might be...

Goodbye Facebook

Inspired by the guys at Nusii we decided to pull the plug on Facebook? A bold move I hear you say (you thought it, right?), maybe even a stupid move? But bear with me....

Don’t Let The Blinds Go Down On Me

George The Goldfish Say hello to George! He is one of our most valued clients. George (Micheal (no one knows who was named after who (he claims))) came to us with a very important message for us humans about goldfishes like himself to make sure people stop putting the blinds down on him.   By this, he means when...