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5G – On Its Way.

5G – On Its Way.

When Will It Arrive?

5G is on its the way an is going to be at least 20 times faster than 4G, which is definitely impressive.


As you can see in the image, 5G is nearly ready to roll out in England, there will be many extras uses for 5G there are already reports for the NHS to use it for different services to improve quality of life and productivity in the health care sector.

Just from a quick search, here you can see some of the incredible feats 5G is already bringing to the table:

5G Remote Car:


5G Healthcare:


General 5G Uses:


However, due to this innovation in technology, there has been lots of scepticism (as there always is on the internet), about the safety of 5G. Wireless technology like 5G’s predecessors 3G and 4G emit radiation and people are worried about the increase of radiation 5G is going to bring along with it. But the good news is that studies show that 5G won’t be any more harmful than existing radiofrequency radiation, so no need for your tinfoil hats quite yet.


In any news, I am definitely looking forward to faster wireless speeds!

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