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‘How To Pioneer’ Animation Project

‘How To Pioneer’ Animation Project

Church Of England Project

Over the last couple of months, we have been lucky enough to work with the Church of England on a 2d animation project. We have had the pleasure of creating a five-part animated series to help advertise their new book ‘How to Pioneer’ written by David Male. The basis of the book is to help Christians follow and help others to find Jesus. We then had to replicate this message to an animated series and help portray the same feeling.


For the script, we worked with the client who had a strong sense of direction and knew exactly what they were looking for which really helped to ensure we knew had something locked before we needed to start the animation.

Voice Over

Another very nice aspect of this project was the voice over, which was done by Ekene Oboko and really helped to set the tone for each animation.

Animation Style

For projects like this, the animation style can be anything the client desires, from simplistic to more detailed, each of the different styles have their pros and cons. The style the Church of England went for was a very fitting choice for what they wanted to portray, it’s a very simplistic style which works to tell a story but also allows for animated text to help hit home those important points.

Working Working with the Church Of England

Working with the Church Of England has been very easy, communication has been very quick and our contacts have been very helpful with feedback and would be a pleasure to work with again. Over the past months of working with them, we learned more and more of the style they wanted meaning each new animated film was made that bit quicker

The five films have now been launched and are currently being used around the world to help promote the series of books.

This is what the client had to say:

“Thanks for all your work Warren and that of your team. You have done a great job. I am really pleased with how it looks…It’s been great and we’re really pleased with the final product – as you say, lots of candidates for best film!”


Session One Previews

Session Two Previews

Session Three Previews

Session Four Previews

Session Five Previews

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