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St Pauls Carnival – Bristol

So last Saturday (6th of June) I had the pleasure of going to St Paul’s Carnival in Bristol. In short, it was incredible, the music was amazing, the food smelt delicious (unfortunately, I didn’t have the patience to wait for any though(I was too excited)) and the sense of community was great too.

St Pauls Carnival is a celebration of Afro Carribean culture and is held annually. I spent most of the day at the different stages and exploring with lots of different groups of friends I was with. It was amazing to see people setting up stages outside their apartments and houses! Definitely increased the feeling of community as everyone was just together on the streets of Bristol having a great time. Everyone I interacted to there was also so nice.

I would definitely suggest you go to this incredible carnival, here are a couple of photos I took of my experience! (I apologise for the quality my phone camera is pretty awful.)

And here are so better photos not taken by me :).