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Goodbye Facebook

Goodbye Facebook

Inspired by the guys at Nusii we decided to pull the plug on Facebook? A bold move I hear you say (you thought it, right?), maybe even a stupid move? But bear with me.

Having a successful business or launching a new product is usually the result of so much that has gone before; Other services you’ve used, designers and entrepreneurs you admire and a bunch of folks who are champing at the bit to give you advice. Things like:

  • Don’t ask for a credit card during the trial
  • Offer a money back guarantee (Makes sense, right?)
  • Use Google Ads to kick things off (Damn, it’s expensive)
  • Follow visitors around the web and hammer them with ads (Via pixel tracking)
  • Use exit popups to gather email addresses (what were we thinking???)
  • Cold email outreach (a very grey area post-GDPR)
  • And so on…

We value our privacy and can only presume that others do too. Like many businesses, we had to rejig a few things to comply with the recent GDPR changes. But this alone wasn’t enough. We wanted to push it further. Of all the services we were using, who gathered more data than anyone else? We put our money on Facebook and Google. The first thing to go was the Facebook pixel we had been using to follow potential customers around the web. This was closely followed by our Facebook pages (insanity I know!).

It’s not just the fact that we don’t want to bombard folks with ads. We don’t want to take your data and hand it all over to Facebook. At least we don’t want to be the ones responsible for this. Goodness knows they have enough already.

As well as killing off the Facebook pixel we’re also in the process of looking for a more privacy conscious analytics tool. Once we find it, we will also say bye bye to Google Analytics.

This isn’t a sales pitch, this is Elemental Media maturing along with its founders.

We want our customers to have the best experience possible and to be safe in the knowledge that we respect their privacy. It’s what we would want for ourselves.