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Don’t Let The Blinds Go Down On Me

George The Goldfish

Say hello to George! He is one of our most valued clients. George (Micheal (no one knows who was named after who (he claims))) came to us with a very important message for us humans about goldfishes like himself to make sure people stop putting the blinds down on him.


By this, he means when a goldfish don’t get enough light they lose the goldiness and turn more white, this causes issues for goldfish as they don’t look at ‘cool’ as George puts it. This is why he needed a media campaign to spread his message.



Of course, having an internet presence is essential to market yourself these days and having a website is the base of the internet presence. So that was our first step to helping George, you can find his website here – dontlettheblindsgodownonme.co.uk

Video Marketing

Next, we created a video for George to help spread his message across different platforms and social media, we had to hire a Goldfishian to English translator (we don’t speak the language, unfortunately). You can take a look at this video on George’s website.

Branding & Printed Media

Of course, George also needed a logo, the base appearance for any campaign/business. We also designed some printed media, such as leaflets and stickers for him to hand out (don’t worry they’re waterproof)

Public Advertisement

We also went out and put up public advertisement for George to raise awareness via different methods, here are some of the ads we created.