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Behance, Inspiration.

Behance Featured Image

Behance, Inspiration.

Are you a creative? Have you heard of Behance? If so what’re your thoughts?

If you haven’t, check it out here – behance.net

So I stumbled across Behance around about a year ago on a work experience job. My initial thought was it was just a showcase of other peoples work, and in a sense it is. However, once you do a bit more digging, you can come across some really good relevant information and design ideas. I use it every now and then when I have some time to think and I do genuinely find it useful.

Behance has a lot about full projects which is nice to go through and see what you think could work well with your own ideas. The only issue with that is that you don’t always get to see peoples process to that final point, which can sometimes be more important than the final product as design is that process.

Another thing I love about Behance is the sheer range of different projects, from social media campaigns to drawing to product design and many more. Which is great from a marketing point of view as you end up doing all these different things and if it’s an area your not especially experienced with, for example, if you want to design your own business card, you can literally just search it and find hundreds of unique ideas. I’ve highlighted unique because Behance has a great community of creative minds with lots and lots of different ideas, so your inspiration will always be fresh and up to date!

Another great thing about Behance is you can upload your own artwork, projects or just ideas and people can browse over your work and leave feedback, this is a feature I haven’t delved into but I’ve seen a lot of people contributing their own ideas about other projects which is always great. Also, you can follow your favourite artists to keep updated and inspired.

I hope you can find this information useful! Please let me know your thoughts on Behance as it stands, or if you’ve ever found it useful!

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