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Elemental Space

Elemental Space


So in a previous blog I made, I discussed the Elemental Space Logo. We did come to a conclusion and if you follow Elemental Space on any of our social media you may have seen the final design. So whilst I was doing the logo process Warren spotted a design he liked which was the image below.

However, we amended it slightly to have a white background and kept the text simple without the outlines.

Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

We’ve been also working on the whole set up for Elemental Space, leaflets, website, social media, etc.


With the website, you can check it out here www.elementalspace.co.uk It’s a simple, clean one-page website with all the information we needed. We wanted to keep it simple as Elemental Space is designed to be as easy and user-friendly as possible for the benefit of clients.


With regards to the different advertisements via leaflets, you can see them below. With everything we design we stick to yellow, as this is our brand colour and it reflects the colour scheme in the co-working space we have.

Social Media

Regarding the social media, we’re currently focusing on our Instagram page as it is a great way to show off the more creative aspects of the space. We are also using twitter and facebook and you can check out each page below.

Instagram – ElementalSpaceMalvern

Facebook – Elemental Space

Twitter – ElementalSpace

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