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Creating Posts For Twitter Marketing

Creating Posts For Twitter Marketing

Images & Twitter

Twitter has one of the more simple layouts out of the social media.

The most restricting part of Twitter is posting text due to the character limit, so this is why creative and interesting imagery on Twitter is essential.

Twitter Sizing Templates


For Twitter, profile pictures should be uploaded at 400px x 400px, they are then displayed at 200px x 200px. Due to the way imagery works on the internet, all images have a base shape of a square or rectangle (4 sides & corners), but Twitter only shows circular images across all platform for profile pictures, so please keep in the circle as much as possible! Acceptable formats include: jpg, png or GIF (does not include animated GIFs!)


Twitter has had a recent change up within the last year with their header images. They’re are now recommended to be 1500px x 500px which is larger than previous. Acceptable formats include: jpg, png or GIF (does not include animated GIFs!)




Any image (whether linked or posted) should be at most 1024px x 512px to be visible for people on their feed.




Twitter videos can be up to 1900px x 1200px or vise versa for portrait videos, the minimum size for a video is quite surprising, and I’m not if it would be useful, but it’s 32px x 32px which gives a lot of breathing room in between the minimum and maximum sizes. The maximum length of a Twitter video is 2 minutes & 20 seconds and can be up 512MBs. Videos under 6.5 seconds are automatically looped.

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