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My Top 5 Favourite Creative Instagram Accounts

My Top 5 Favourite Creative Instagram Accounts

So I use Instagram a lot for both personal and business, so I thought I’d share which accounts I like to look out the most!

1. Adobe

Adobe is a powerhouse for creativity in the graphic design industry, they have many resources for inspiration including their Instagram! Their Instagram isn’t as useful for business in my opinion, just because it is purely creative, however, it is great for personal inspiration, I’d definitely recommend Abode to any creative head out there!

2. Wannerstedt

Next is someone I actually found through Adobe’s Instagram, Wannerstedt is a very creative 3D artist. He uploads very satisfying posts and is just a cool person to check out!

3. Califiafarms

Califia Farms is a great business Instagram, they set a great standard for how to promote a product(s) on social media. Their Instagram looks great and if you’re having ideas about starting up a new product, you should grab some inspiration from them!

4. Simplywhytedesign

Simplywhytedesign is another great design and branding account. The way she showcases her work over the different panels and using a variety of static and moving images works incredibly well. Defo one to keep your eye on!

5. Madburyclub

Madbury Club is a creative group that has started a project on designing a new studio, they’ve really gone off the rails and it looks great, for some office inspiration maybe take some ideas from them?


Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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