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University of Birmingham School – Leavers – Video

Background: University of Birmingham Graduation Video

We were brought in to co-produce the video with the University of Birmingham. The School video for the UOB School was a big project that needed a lot of organising. Commissioned by the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues, this film congratulates the graduating 6th form class of 2017 at the University of Birmingham School.

As the first class to graduate UoB School, the Jubilee Centre felt it important to mark the occasion, and capture the voices of the students as they describe their journeys since joining the School in 2015, the choices that they’ve made, and the impact being part of the School has had on their characters.


There were many challenges for this project. The biggest one to create the story for the whole project based on just a number of enrichment projects. It was important to meet our selected students and get an idea of their experiences over the past two years and from that create a structure for the film.

A big focus of the film was to showcase the variety of enrichment sessions available at the school, however, the enrichment program had finished for the year. We had to make sure we could schedule some mock sessions in between the interviews and general cutaway shots. Luckily we had a great team to work with including Gary Tanner from Man in a Hat and the amazing team from Creative Media who were all there to ensure anything planned was carried out perfectly.

Solution: Create an emotional and inspiring film!

We were lucky to be able to access the 6th Form pupils and they were inspiring on our filming days. The pre-production planning and script, as well as the opportunity of working with such a talented team, meant we were able to produce a great video for the University of Birmingham School! Hope you like it too.


University Of Birmingham