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SEEDTECH – Corporate Video

Brief: Corporate Video Needed for 3D Company

Corporate Video needed for 3D visual Company
We were asked to help with a new corporate video for a 3D and virtual reality company based in the beautiful Malvern Hills.


The corporate video had to give a flavour of all the services that SEEDTECH provide, whilst ensuring it didn’t become an epic short film (they do a lot of great stuff!) We had a couple of meetings with the SEED team to go over ideas. From our initial meetings, we could see that they had a lot of projects and that it could be easy to fall into the trap of including everything. Having too much information could dilute the message and create confusion, which we definitely wanted to stay away from.


We decided it would help if there was a script, which would be narrated by a professional voice-over artist. The script would help tell the story of how SEED came about, what they did and what the future holds. We then edited together a collection of their work as well as take out the drone and get some aerial shots of their headquarters in the Malvern Science Park.

The result is a seamless story that gives the potential new client all the information they will need whilst enjoying the visuals from their work.

As always we thoroughly enjoyed working with SEEDTech and wish them lots more success in the future. Plus we really enjoyed shooting the zombies in their Virtual Reality simulator!

The client also had these kind words to say as well: “Thanks again for all your work on the vid! you’ve done a fabulous job! very happy with it! Always a good laugh!” – Jon – SEEDTech




Corporate Video