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Kimichi School – TV Advert

Background: Tv Advert for Kimichi School

Kimichi School is an independent school that specialises in Music.  They were looking to connect with more people and essentially try and get more people to know about them. Recruitment levels had to rise and they had to be able to attract the right sort of person to the school.

Music was an essential part of the curriculum so we had to ensure there was a strong link to music in the video.  Also being a school they have to be careful of their budget so any ideas that we came up with had to ensure it was still achievable as going down a single Tv Advert route might limit other avenues if the costs were too high. Having this in mind we had to come up with a video idea that would really work not only on TV but also social, as we were running a social media campaign for Kimichi School as well.

The Process:

We thought long and hard about what would work and what wouldn’t.  We decided to spend a couple of days with the school to get a better feeling about the atmosphere and the type of people that worked there and the type of pupils they had.  This was really helpful as we could see how the school works and how it was really just like a massive big family.

We decided to work on the idea of a new pupil about to join the school for the first time and how the other pupils will help him to settle in.  When we remembered back to our own school days we all remembered how scared and nervous we were.  There was always that one kid who welcomed us and made us feel better about joining school.

Solution: Belong!

The final result really worked perfectly.  We created a campaign around the notion of belonging.  We noticed that all the pupils in Kimichi School, no matter where they were from, felt like they belonged in Kimichi.  For some it was a home from home.  So we created a story where the new pupil had to go on a bit of a journey until he found what brought everyone together.  Now that he was there he could belong.

Feedback has been really positive and there have been a few tears shed when people have watched the video, which is always a good sign in our books.  The video has worked really well on social media, with viewing figures via Facebook and Twitter rising by 170%.  The Tv Advert is below so have a look and I hope you enjoy what you see.  Share it and pass it on to anyone who you think might be interested in the school.  You can view the school here: Kimichi School