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Jubilee Centre – Getting Into Character

Jubilee Centre – Getting Into Character

Brief: We were asked again by the University of Birmingham to help Produce a new film for the Jubilee Centre. We had previously delivered a video a year before called Leavers and now they wanted something new that would explain Character.

Challenges: The brief was loose at this stage as it was our job was to essentially create the concept for the film. The Jubilee Centre, based in Birmingham, has already created a number of films about Character and what it is so we knew after much research that we wanted to produce something that was totally different from what they had before.

Process: The process for this project was extremely important as was the understanding from the client that creating a video of this sort has a creative process, which must be followed. Luckily we were all on the same page as we all wanted to create something much greater than expected. We began by researching. Researching Character, researching other influential films such as those made by Nike. We looked at different actors to use and we brought in writers to help develop the idea.

Solution: The final result is a narrative showing how an actor gets into Character. He talks us through his process and how character reveals itself to an audience. The result has been received really well and summed up perfectly by the client “we could have sat around a table for months and still never come up with a great concept like this”

Thank you: Man in a Hat Productions – Ceridwen Tallett – Creative Media – Jubilee Centre – Nick Whitfield – Andrew Buckley and all the amazing crew who helped us achieve a great little film!




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