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Dr Sweat – A ‘How To’ Film – Video


Dr Sweat is a new product to help with excessive sweating. We all sweat. But some of us sweat more than others. In fact, around the world, 365 million people are living with excessive sweating every day. We were asked to provide a series of short films to help explain the new product one of which needed to be similar to one previously produced. We also creating additional films to showcase how the product works and how the science comes into it as well. The films need to be shown on websites and used for social media.


The main challenge was time. We had a week to organise everything and ensure we had storyboards, scripts and schedules ready and in place before we could start anything.


The process like all our projects begins with talking to our client and understanding what they want and need. We worked really closely with them to ensure we were on brand throughout the process. It was great to be able to bounce ideas back and forth and this helped to ensure that we had all the elements in place before we began filming.


The final result is a series of films to help promote the new product. Everything came together perfectly during the two-day shoot. We had to ensure when we filmed that everything would be easily transferred to social media and a square format so this really helped when we came to post-production and editing to fit this format. The films are now being used online as part of their sales and marketing strategy!