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DRET – Video

Brief: School Promo Video
Every year the David Ross Education Trust (DRET) has a massive sports event, which they call the Summer Cup. The event allows all the schools within the multi-academy trust to compete against one another as well as providing opportunities for the pupils to meet some amazing international stars. A video is needed to showcase the event, which will not just be a stream of images but it must capture the atmosphere on the day and give an insight into what the pupils get from such an event.

We have produced a variety of school promo videos for DRET and this was our second time filming the Summer Cup so we were aware of how big the event was going to be as well as how difficult it would be to try and capture everything that was going on. It was important for us to capture the various events but we had to be careful not make things feel rushed especially when we had to capture a variety of interviews too.

We created two teams. So one team concentrated on getting the main shots, whilst the other team concentrated more on getting the interviews. This worked perfectly and made sure the shots looked as good as possible in what was essentially, filming in a live environment. We got a variety of interviews from pupils and from the sports stars and captured some great shots showing concentration levels, determination and pure joy from winning. The editing process wasn’t easy either as we had a lot of great footage that had to be squeezed into a short video. The main starting point was to find some really good upbeat music and once that was in place it helped to slot everything else in place.

It was a great project to work on, not just from a filming point of view but in terms of seeing the determination and focus of those young kids and I hope this has been translated to you in the final video. Hope you enjoy it!