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Malvern Hoops – Branding

Malvern Hoops – Branding

Brief: Website Needed for New Campaign
We were made aware of a local campaign to create a brand new sports area in Malvern. The new facilities would bring high-end basketball courts to a central location for those in the immediate and local areas.  The initial campaign focussed on using just Facebook so we asked if they would like help via our One in Ten initiative. Through this, we have been able to build a website and give the campaign some identity through branding.


The initial challenge was time as we had just under 2 weeks to create a website and logo to use for the campaign.  The content for the site wouldn’t be too hard to create as we had lots of help with visualisation from our colleagues at SEEDTECH and the two lead campaigners would provide any text that we would need.


The first things we looked at were colours and logos.  We decided to go with a very retro Orange and Blue look and this would then be used throughout the site to help reinforce the branding.    We then also created some branding for their Facebook page to make sure everything was consistent.


We decided pretty quickly on a WordPress style and within a week we had the site up and running with only some minor tweaks and changes to carry out.  Overall we are delighted with the end result and feel it gives the campaign a bit more of a professional feel to it.  Don’t take our word for it though, here is what Jon had to say “first of all…this website is frickin awesome!! ? love it!!! 10/10!”  We wish the campaign the best of luck!  You can view the website here: Malvern Hoops


Malvern Hoops


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