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Ardent Recruitment – Website/Branding

WH Collective Ltd / Ardent Recruitment – Website/Branding

Ardent Recruitment – Website/Branding


Brief: Branding
Ardent Recruitment is a new company specialising in legal recruitment.  They needed a new logo designed as well as branding for stationary etc.  The main aim was to create something that stands out from other legal recruitment agencies and makes the company look strong and professional.

The main challenge here was to create a brand that worked across multiple platforms as we were also building the website.  The other challenge was to work with the colour orange as this was to be the main colour.  We didn’t want it to look too cheap or dated, which can easily be done with that colour, but we wanted it to look fresh, clean and modern.

A good place to start was to look at the word “Ardent”, which means to be passionate or enthusiastic.  Other words around it were intense, fierce and fiery, which of course immediately makes you think of the colour red.  This actually helped us to choose a deeper orange colour, which would include the use of some fiery tones on the website.

We then looked at recruitment and what that means.  Essentially people are looking to move in another direction or to seek something better than they already have.  We started looking at Arrows and ways of incorporating the letter A of Ardent into an arrow, which would then tie everything together perfectly.


Brief: Recruitment Website
Create a basic recruitment website to help establish a brand new recruitment company. The site will need to be future proof so extra elements will need to be added to it, such as CV uploading and a jobs board. The site must also tie in perfectly with the brand and must ensure that it doesn’t look like most of the other recruitment sites currently on the market.

The main challenge for us was to create something that wasn’t like other recruitment sites but equally wasn’t too creative that it stopped people contacting them for work. The brand had orange as the main colour so it was important to make sure that the images and design sat perfectly with this colour without it looking too gaudy.

We built the site using WordPress, which allows for a good bit of creativity as well as allowing us to plan easily for future add-ons. The sites main pages were created first with various bits of dummy information so that Ardent could see how the site is meant to look. We then worked with the client to make sure the text and images all worked to create a fresh, professional looking website. All images we had were taken into photoshop and given a slightly warm filter, which meant they all had a bit of an orange tone to them much like you might add to your Instagram images. With all those elements together I think it really creates a great looking recruitment website that will hopefully help Ardent to continue to grow!


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Ardent Recruitment