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MA Williams – Website

MA Williams – Website

Background: MA Williams Electrician Web Design

Mark Williams is an independent electrician who was currently only using Facebook in order to market and advertise his Electrical company.  He provides electrical services to a wide variety of customers such as simple lighting solutions in your house to massive shop refurbs.  He was looking for a Web Design that really helped the company to stand out from the crowd.

Brief – Web Design

1. Create a website that would to appeal to both Domestic and Commercial customers
2. Create something easy that can be updated quickly with images and content
3. Help with SEO and maintaining of the site to ensure it is up to date.


The main challenge was to try and ensure the company came across as being able and capable of working on large scale projects as well as the smaller domestic projects.   Knowing they could wasn’t good enough, we had to ensure MA Williams looked as good as they sounded.  We also had to ensure the services they provided were clear so that potential customers could easily and quickly see what they offered.

Solution: Great Web Design that works!

We worked with Mark closely to ensure the look and feel was just right for the company.  We made clear categories so that customers could easily see what he did and we provided a very professional design, which still allows for growth as the team increases.

We also helped to set up the SEO for the site and help to keep it up to date by maintaining the site each month.

The final result really helps MA Williams stand out from the crowd and ensures he gets continued enquiries from new customers looking for a reliable and safe electrician.  You can view the website here: http://www.mawilliamselectrical.co.uk/


MA Williams