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Malvern Cube

The Web Design Brief – Community Centre Malvern

The Malvern Cube is an exciting community centre in the heart of Great Malvern.  They provide a wealth of courses, classes as well as live music events, which were not being seen if you were to visit their old website.  They needed a new web design that could be updated really easily and would show everything that is going on at the Cube each day, week and month,

The Design Challenge

The challenge was to create something that worked for a lot of people.  As we are working with a charity then it means trying to communicate the ideas to a board of trustees, as well as ensure that the over all design works for a variety of users to go to the Cube regularly.  This resulted in lots of meeting to discuss the Web Design and ensure the flow of the site worked to suit as many people as possible.  There also had to be a balance between it being a venue that attracts people to visit for the events and classes as well as show that there are lots of things going on for the community as they try to make sure that funding comes in to help keep it going.

The Final Results

The final result is a bright and colourful website that enables all the courses, classes, live events and blogs to be added or updated really quickly and easily.  The site refreshes on each visit so you should always see a variety of events every-time you visit.  We enabled a live events booking page, which integrates with Ticket Source so that people can now buy tickets direct from the website and we are also now providing Marketing and Social Media help to ensure that more and more people will be directed to the website.  It is hoped that eventually this will then be taken over by the Cube internally as we help to teach volunteers to help out.

We have also set the site up with Google Analytics so that they can track how many visitors go to the site as well as manage their monthly newsletter that goes out each month and ensures they have regular news updates to their community each month.

You can view the website here:  malverncube.com

To find out more about what we do when it comes to building websites then click here to find out more:  Web Design Malvern




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