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Heartbeat FC – Video

Brief: Heartbeat United Video
To create a promo video which really quickly and easily show what Heartbeat United are trying to achieve.

I heard about Heartbeat United from an interview on Talk Sport Radio. They were on the Hawksbee and Jacobs show and I was touched by the massive project they were about to undertake. We were coming up to another tenth project so I thought I would get in touch and see if we could help in any way as part of our One in Ten initiative.


Their aim was to set the record for the longest continuous football match.

In memory of their close friends and colleagues Matt Chaplain, Matt Grimstone and Jacob Schilt, they wanted to donate any funds they raised to the British Heart Foundation.

Matt Chaplain – A wonderful father, a devoted husband, a respected colleague and a valued friend, his sad passing from a cardiac arrest at just 38 years of age is a massive loss to all who knew him.

Matt Grimstone and Jacob Schilt – Two amazing young men, both aged just 23. Both best friends and extremely talented footballers, tragically taken from us on the way to play for their beloved Worthing United FC.

The event presented a great opportunity to raise money for the British Heart Foundation on behalf of all three and to provide a permanent memorial to all three.

We drove to Brighton on a wet weekend and filmed the team playing football at their training ground.  We managed to film around 6 members of the team but actually, there was one member that summed it all up perfectly.  As we wanted something short and to the point, we ended up using just her interview.  Mixed with footage of the practise session and complimented with some on-screen text the promo video achieved it’s brief in getting across the purpose of the fundraising.

Update: 10.August.2016 – We had news that the team had achieved their World Record, which can be seen here: http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/longest-marathon-playing-football-(soccer)

“The longest marathon playing football (soccer) is 108 hr 2 min and was achieved by Heartbeat United FC (UK), in Worthing, UK, from 26 to 30 May 2016.

Heartbeat United FC split into two teams, Team Heartbeat and Team United, for this record-breaking attempt. Team Heartbeat won with 1009 goals against Team United’s 872.”


Heartbeat United


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