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Cole & Bright – Product Promo Video

Brief: Product Promo Video
Create a product promo video for an in-store video promotion, which will present a variety of products and give examples of how they can be used.  There will need to be a detailed information section to the video, which will explain what each of the products can do as well as a section showing how they can be used.

The biggest challenge here was to show how the solar lights can be used as typically you can only really show them once the sun has gone and they don’t generally do much apart from sitting there.  The other challenge was how to show the large amount of text for each of the products, without the video becoming a 10-minute short film.

Working with the agency we decided on a storyline, which would present the lights being used in a real-life scenario.  We worked on the idea that the lights help bring life to the garden, so why stop enjoying the outdoor living just because the sun has gone down.  We also looked at ways in which we could get the information on the screen without it taking over the film.  We used a mixture of their packaging and some photoshopped images of the products in situ to help transition between the text.   The idea was then visualised with a storyboard, which helped the client to see how things will look.  The locations were then sourced and we got ready for our night shoot on a quiet street in Malvern.

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