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New Logo Sting & Window Graphics

New Logo Sting & Window Graphics

The Sting

This week in the office I started working on a new logo sting for Elemental Media’s new logo.

During this project I used a few different software programmes; Photoshop and Illustrator to set up the different components needed for the sting, Adobe After Effects for the animation and Final Cut Pro for syncing the audio to the animation.

My idea to do a new sting came from a previous blog on the website (PLAGIARISM ALERT), however, due to Elemental’s change in logo, I thought it’d be a good idea to make a new one.

During the animation stage, I learnt a new skill within After Effects: masks. Masks are a simple concept (a layer that hides part of another layer within the composition), however, putting this skill into practice was a bit more complex. After a couple video tutorials, I managed to figure it out, have a watch down below!


The Window Graphics

The current windows at our office were in dire need of some TLC. At the moment they’re just a bit of etch, so luckily for Warren, I came from a printing company and have knowledge on how to set up window graphics. We looked through a couple of designs that we thought would work for the office and in the end, we merged some design aspects that we liked.


Finding all the right fonts for the designs was quite a lengthy process as they had to be the same (ish), but different, if that makes any sense… But anyway, I loved working on this as a little project and can’t wait to see them up and looking fresh! (Keep an eye out if you drive by soon :D).

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