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Spotify – Your Music

Spotify – Your Music


Now obviously Spotify has been around for years now, however, I upgraded to premium a while back and found so really useful features that aren’t well advertised by Spotify themselves! So here’s just a little break down from what I’ve discovered.

Discover Weekly

Discover Weekly is the feature I love most about Spotify premium, this feature basically picks 30 songs a week. Now, what’s so special about this? Spotify must have an algorithm that picks songs that you’d like and it works incredibly well! I have a playlist that I started after discovering this feature and it now has over 300 songs that I listen to every single day! Some are ones that I’ve discovered myself and some are ones that I have loved for years, however, most of these songs are ones that I’ve found through Discover Weekly. Discover Weekly resets every Monday so try and remember to look through your weekly playlist to make sure you don’t miss it!

Discover Weekly doesn’t just give you the same old genre you listen to either, it gets adventurous with your taste and learns every week you use it. It can give you anything over the range of genres, maybe even ones you’ve never listened to before but like I said it works really really well. Also with Discover Weekly, because it’s a playlist, you can follow your friends and family’s Discover Weekly for even more fresh songs!


The equaliser is a feature accessible for all users (I believe) premium or not, this feature allows you to change your sound settings, such as bass booster, vocal booster, etc, or you can play around with the custom settings as shown below.

Spotify Radio

Spotify Radio is also a pretty cool feature for discovering new music. The way Spotify Radio works is similar to Discover Weekly, however, you choose an artist’s radio first and it then finds music in similar genres, but this can also involve music you already listen too and the new songs are usually at the bottom and this feature finds more songs the more you listen to it so there’s a never-ending supply of music for like long car journeys or for just playing throughout your workday, etc.

Made For You

Made For You is a section of Spotify (where you can find Discover Weekly) where there are extra hand-picked playlists waiting for you, daily mixes are playlists made out of similar songs out of your existing songs in your collection, which is an easy way for you to listen to specific genres that you have collected if you don’t have a playlist set up for them.

There is also a section under Made For You which shows your favourite songs from the previous year, songs that you may have deleted, songs you listened to in the Summer which is also a really cool feature.

Do you use Spotify? Or do you use competitors such as Apple Music or Youtube Premium?

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