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My First Month At Elemental

My First Month At Elemental

I’ve really enjoyed my first month at Elemental Media!

Since April I’ve been working on a diverse set of projects, from working on websites to creating magazine averts to logo design, these were the exact skills I wanted to develop on when I joined Elemental. Initially, I worked mostly on websites, it was usually just maintaining the websites like updating plugins and updating blogs, etc. This process of working on the backend of websites really helped develop my confidence in WordPress and now Warren and I are developing a brand new website for Elemental which is very exciting to see how it will do.

Apart from websites, I have been working on some very creative projects, including a magazine advert for ‘All About Malvern’s’ advert pages (see below), a simplistic hand out card about our new social media campaign prices and some video projects such as Instagram stories. I was also up the Malvern Hills on Tuesday with a camera and tripod recording snippets for a Cinemagraph, it was a really good insight to see how they work and gave me a better understanding of them.


In the office here at Elemental, we now have a quite a large room in the back which would be perfect for a shared space for entrepreneurs, so that’s exactly what we are doing! The space still has a way to go regarding furnishing but the future of it is very exciting. Because of this, we have named it ‘Elemental Space’ and I have been tasked to create a logo for it so we can then advertise on social media. Unfortunately, the logo is still in development but you can keep an eye out for it in the future:).

I really do feel excited about what my future holds at Elemental Media and I can’t wait to see what happens!

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