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Safeguarding Policies

  • Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy: Ensures that the school has clear procedures in place to protect children from abuse and neglect. It outlines how to recognize and respond to safeguarding concerns.
  • Anti-Bullying Policy: Specifies the school’s approach to preventing and responding to bullying. It details the procedures for reporting bullying and the actions the school will take to address it.
  • Online Safety Policy (E-Safety Policy): Protects students from online risks, promoting safe and responsible use of the internet and digital technologies within the school.
  • Health and Safety Policy: Establishes the standards for ensuring a safe physical environment for both students and staff. It covers risk assessments, emergency procedures, and everyday safety in the school.
  • Acceptable Use Policy: Defines the rules for using school IT equipment and accessing the internet, ensuring students and staff use digital resources responsibly.