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Bristol Photography

Bristol Photography

Bristol Photography

So last week I headed down to Bristol for the day to get a bit creative with the camera. A friend and I decided to get on the train around 10 as we wanted to make the most of the daylight. When we got down there after a solid couple hours on the train, we headed into town and our first destination was Cabot Circus.

I’m not sure if it’s a permanent or temporary installation but during our visit, there was a homage to Bristols annual hot air balloon festival. This was a nice way to get some high angle shots of the balloon structures they had implemented above.

This photo I tried to juxtapose the silhouettes of the trees to the colour of the balloons.



we headed away from the centre to some of the vintage clothes shops. This lead to some great shots as the scenery was very rough and there was a lot of graffiti. Sometimes my favourite shots are from unaesthetic focuses. I’ve also noticed a lot from visiting Bristol a fair share of times that there’s a very caring and free-spirited feeling to the city and you can really tell through the graffiti and countless posters around the city what people are concerned about and what people love.

With this shot, I just wanted to simply capture some of Bristol’s underground graffiti.

I really like this photo post editing. The components of the ‘REBEL’ poster and the ‘LIBERTY’ sign alongside with the censored face work really well in my opinion. I tried capturing this as a natural shot so my friend wasn’t looking at the camera or posed in any way which has worked well but unfortunately I wish I got the full other ‘REBEL’ poster on the right.

This is also another one I really liked as the lighting is quite different. Alongside the guiding lines of the wall leading into the right third of the photo, the silhouettes create a sort of ‘journey’ feel to the image. (Sorry for the bad quality of this shot I need to get my hands on the original.)



we headed towards Bristol Cathedral by the harbourside. On our little trek, we stumbled across a lot of building art. We also stopped off at some other vintage shops which had quite a lot of cool stuff inside.

I especially like these two figures which were painted on the two sides of this stairwell. Unfortunately, though I didn’t have space or wide enough camera lens to fit them into one shot as the buildings behind me were quite close but still very unique nevertheless!

One thing I’d love to do focus more on is my street photography of subjects caught off guard. I think it leads to great images (I’m not saying this is a great one though!). I do, however, like the lighting on the pavement and buildings around the obvious subject. Also the fact the sign had blocked the direct brightness of the sun lead to this lighter shot.

This is obviously a posed shot but I do think the angle and building behind work really well with the subject. With this one, I wanted to edit it simply but with effect. I think this one has worked out quite nicely!

With this, I love the sort of time travel of the old faces and archway create compared next to the car and the colour of the inside of the arch. I’m not sure if it was worth having a human subject in this shot but a lot of my creative ideas come after shooting when I’m sat with my laptop.

The merge between the 2d hoop I added and the artwork works really well in my opinion as the artwork its self looks like the dog creature is jumping so it looks it’s jumping through the hoop. The cut of the hoop also adds to the image to make it look like it could be a natural component.

This was taken within a retro vintage shop. I added a noise effect to make it look like it was taken with a retro camera to add to the scene.

Landscape Imagery

I really like this shot for because of the architecture of the building on the left. The design looks amazing on its own. Paired with the empty space of the glass and sky and the contrast between light and dark works really well.

This was just a really clean composition with the focus of the reflection and the design of the lamp coupled with the old fashioned pillar and the roof. Also the imposing green and purple add to the image nicely.

The focus of this image was the black pillar. A really modern, clean feel to this image.

With this, I overlayed the lamp image onto the blackness of the pillar structure to get the really nice effect.

And lastly, this was just a nice shot I got at the end of the day to wrap the whole day up.


All in all, I really enjoyed getting a camera out again and just seeing where the wind took me. Got some really nice shots and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! I did take a lot more but I had to pick my favourite out of the collection. In the future, I really want to improve and start working more on street photography of crowds and faces. I think that would be a really interesting route for me to go!

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