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Boomtown Adventures!

boomtown festival stage with fireworks

Boomtown Adventures!

So on the weekend, I was lucky enough to visit Boomtown Festival, a massive immersive storytelling festival which is accompanied by some great music. The music was quite diverse but was mostly more of the heavier side of the genres i.e Drum & Bass, Bassline, Jump Up, Jungle, etc. My favourite would have to be jungle music, there was a little forest called Tangled Roots there which had some really bassy Jungle on all day which was great. However, having a break from all the computer-generated music was also really nice, in the day there were a few of my favourite bands on like The Skints and L’Entourloop who I’d highly recommend.

What’s also great about boomtown is the story behind the actual festival that anyone can be included with, throughout the weekend, you can discover different little-hidden rooms which have their own music with loads of actors playing along like the Boomtown Bobbies where everyone is a police officer or just walking through Old Town you get people dressed all up in Victorian clothes coming out of secret doors offering you a ‘nut’ (like as in a nut and bolt) on a platter (we were down an alleyway it was quite strange aha) but it all comes together to make you feel like your part of a different world.

If anyone is thinking about venturing to the world of Boomtown I’d definitely recommend it and I’m definitely going to go next year alongside Glastonbury (hopefully) however, it is quite a full-on experience so be prepared! Unfortunately, it rained quite a bit this year and all my stuff got soaked but there are loads of weird and wonderful clothing shops there (I ended up spending most of the weekend in an RAF jumpsuit).

There was a lot of fire! And a couple waterfalls too.

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