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Best Christmas Adverts Of 2018!

Best Christmas Adverts Of 2018!

It’s nearly Christmas!

This year Christmas ads have great, I wouldn’t say it has been the best year with some of the biggest names not living up to their name *cough* John Lewis *cough* but there have also been some surprisingly good adverts from some new competitors! So here’s my top 5 list for the best Christmas adverts of 2018:

5. John Lewis

At a low spot, number 5 is the famous John Lewis this year. Now I believe that it’s a good advert, don’t get me wrong, however, it just doesn’t feel Christmassy enough to be any higher in this list for me. It shows the appreciation and sentimentality for good gifts, but that’s about it and that’s why it is last in this list for me. We do love a bit of Elton John though and the idea was nicely executed! View here.


4. Barbour

Coming in hot at the number 4 spot is Barbour’s ‘The Snowman’ advert that is based on the classic Christmas book and movie ‘The Snowman’. A little girls dream of meeting the legendary Snowman comes true. Christmas magic! View here.

3. Save The Children

Save the children has come through this year with a comedic advert that did make me laugh quite a bit! It’s based on the National Christmas Jumper Day event they hold for professions that possibly shouldn’t be wearing silly jumpers. Nevertheless, it’s a light-hearted Christmas advert that helps a great cause! View here.

2. Aldi

Aldi has created a narrative that everyone seems to love this year about Kevin the Carrot! He is bound to fight the Wicked Parsnip who is jealous of the carrots fame. This advert was very close to number 1 for me but didn’t quite make it. Have you seen Kevin the Carrot in store? Or were they all gone before you could snag one? Anyway, we wish Kevin and his family all the best! View here.




1. Pedigree

Coming in at the number one spot for me this year is the Pedigree – Season of Good Dog advert! Now, this might be slightly biased due to my love of dogs, however,  I think this is a great all-round Christmas advert, it has Christmas spirit, humour and of course two very cute dogs learning what Christmas is about. What more could you ask of an advert? #FeedTheGood View here.


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