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Back From Köln

Back From Köln

I have recently come back after my holiday to Germany for ESL.

Although my trip to Germany was a short one I have got a lot of memories from it. I went alone to the event called ESL and managed to bump into other English speakers and form a group to watch the games with. I found one of them at the ESL shop which sold merchandise for the teams that were playing there.

After meeting him in the shop we started to watch the matches together and found out more about each other (for instance he speaks 3 languages; English, Russian and French) as well as stuff we have in common. After wandering around the stadium for a few hours we bumped into a guy from Washington, he invited us to sit with him and his Aussie friends and this later turned into the main group we ended up staying with for the whole event.

Above is a picture of the front of the arena where the two teams battle it out for the place in the final. During the event there were 15,000 people sat watching the games, this was very new to me as I have not been to a big event before. It was an amazing experience and it is something I will definitely be doing again.

Now that ESL is over I am looking forward to upcoming projects such as the One in Ten football website along with other stuff in the near future. The next blog will have more information about the One in Ten projects as I start to build it up from scratch.

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