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App Of The Week: Splice/Quik Mobile Editing Tools

App Of The Week: Splice/Quik Mobile Editing Tools


Splice/Quik are mobile editing tools both owned by GoPro, these apps are both fairly similar and can be used in conjunction, however, Splice is more technical and precise such as when editing the length of clips  you are able to see the milliseconds whereas Quick is less accurate which makes it more difficult to do things such as adding slow motion.  All in all, learning to use these apps took me around 30 minutes of playing around, so I’d definitely say they’re user-friendly.


In my opinion, Splice was the better of the two, just because of the better customisation. Some of the features include:

  1. Accurate trimming
  2. Cutting
  3. Applying filters
  4. Adjusting video speed (0.2x – 2x)
  5. Adding text (different colours and fonts)
  6. Applying a Ken Burns effect
  7. Fading in audio
  8. Adding royalty free music (included within the app)
  9. Adding voiceover
  10. Adding transitions (6 to choose from)
  11. Adding photos

These features can be very useful for someone who doesn’t have computer software such as After Effects, but obviously, these are far more limiting than computer soft. But this can be seen as a positive, sometimes less is more! I also think the extensive library of free music in Splice is also a very nice addition.

I did, however, run into a couple of issues. So I have an iPhone 6, which isn’t one of the more up to date phones but due to this, I had a few issues of the app crashing multiple times. Applying the blur transition caused the app to crash when I tried to either watch the video back or when I tried to export the video. This resulted in me having to decrease the transition time and export quality which isn’t great. Another issue was the quality of the slow motion effect, it didn’t turn out great but this could’ve been due to the frame rate of the video itself. Despite these problems, I was happy with the outcome of a simple editing tool. Check it out below.

In this short clip, I’ve tried to showcase as many features as I could without it looking OTT.


So Quik is very similar to Splice, but the main difference was the use of preset designs, these could be used for a quicker editing process. Some of them were actually quite nice and ranged from simple to more complicated. Again for this next video, I’ve kept the editing simple while also using a few different features. Quik was definitely easy to use, just drop a few of your clips in, add a

preset, edit the clips to have to the length, audio, or text you desire and there you have it. Check out the video below.

Let us know if you’ve ever used these apps before!

(All footage used in the editing and showcasing process are stock videos)

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