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App of the Week: Photoshop Sketch

App of the Week: Photoshop Sketch

Photoshop Sketch is an app that allows the user to draw and paint different designs with a simple user interface.

The Photoshop Sketch app is a very useful app for drawing/painting while travelling with either a tablet or mobile device. The app is on both the google play store and apple store which allows for multiple devices to use it. For example, Android and Apple products including both phones/tablets.

Photoshop Sketch is a free app, however, you do have to create an account in order for you to use it. The app allows you to seamlessly transfer any projects from the app straight onto your desktop photoshop program. This allows you to work on projects on the go and carry on editing them on your computer when you get home.

Photoshop Sketch is a brilliant app that can be used for both work and for fun. It provides many different brushes/pens to use that allow you to create the exact photo you want to make with ease. An example of one of the brushes is the paintbrush which allows the paint to be wet or dry, this means that if the paint is wet it will act like paint does in real life and will slowly dry or will dry with the fan button underneath the colour option.

I have been using the app in my own time and would highly recommend using it on a tablet with a stylus. This allows for more control of what you are drawing while also giving more depth to the design as you can use different features. If you are using a stylus, you can use the side of the tip to create a different texture with the pencil tool to create shading that suits the image. Personally, I enjoy using the app as it can be something you do in your spare time when you might want to do something creative and have a go at drawing something. There are some useful tutorials online that help you recognise all of the features and tools that the app contains as well as how to use them.

Overall, I would recommend this app to tablet users whether they are professionals or beginners as it is a fun app to use and is easy to get used to the basics. The only downside to this app is the mobile version as it is difficult to control what you are doing within the app on such a small screen.

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