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App Of The Week: Photo Fox

App Of The Week: Photo Fox

Photo Fox is an app for the I-phone and I-pad that allows for easy editing photographs with not much knowledge needed.

Photo Fox is a handy app for editing images you have taken but may want to make more interesting or images you wish to create. There are many ways of improving an image within Photo Fox, a few of these ways can be to adjust the normal settings of the image such as brightness, contrast and exposure.

Photo Fox is a free app that you can pay monthly to get the pro version. The free version allows the user to try out the app with up to 2 layers of images, this is then increased to 5 once they have the pro version. The app is very easy to use as it has a very simple UI familiar with the Video Leap app.

Photo Fox is a very good app that provides many different services depending on what you need for the project you are doing. A few examples of its many different tools are, blur – this allows for you to select a part of the image you wish to have blurry, text – the text tool has many different fonts for you to use that you can simply place over the top or behind the image, the example is the filter tool – this allows for you to apply different filters to your image to give it a different feel e.g warm or cold.

Personally, I like the app as it makes editing images much more simple than having to use software like photoshop. When creating images you can also choose what you want the file to be saved as and how much space you want it to take up, this is a very good feature as many apps will just produce an image file that can end up taking a lot of space on the phone’s storage. As well as being very simple to use there are also handy tutorials made by the developers that show you how to perform certain actions to the images. Below I have linked the youtube for Photo Fox:

Video Leap as it is made by the same company, Lightricks Ltd / Enlight, however, it has its own special features that make it stand out. The app does, however, have a few downsides, just like Video Leap, Photo Fox uses a subscription-based payment method which can lead to spending more for the app than initially intended and as its base price is at $40 it is quite a lot of money for a phone app. Although it has a steep price it is definitely an app that is worth checking out at: www.photofoxapp.com If you want to see last weeks app of the week click here: Video Leap

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