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App Of The Week: Huji Cam

App Of The Week: Huji Cam

Huji Cam

Huji Cam is now being used all over social media, are you using it?

How Does It Work?

This app is a very simple, filter focused app. The way this app works is that it adds a polaroid type of effect. It also adds light flare effects which look really nice and retro. The way to get this effect is by having a bright light within the image and then it generates a flair based off the light in the photo. It also adds different types of colours in the photo, which are unexplained and usually random but also look equally as good.

The Outcome:

So from a little two-minute walk around, I managed to get these photos, they’ve come out quite blue but the lighting in Malvern is quite moody and blue at the moment anyway.



Give it a go!