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App Of The Week: Animal Crossing

App Of The Week: Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the latest game in the Animal Crossing series.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is an app-style take on the normal Animal Crossing series that is available on both android and apple devices. It was released at the beginning of this week yet has already won over the hearts of many mobile gamers as it has a very lovable cartoon art style, just like the main games.

Due to having a cartoon art style the game feels very welcoming as you can see from the loading menus above. One of the great things about the app is, that it is free for anyone to download but contains micro-transactions. For some people they may be weary hearing that it has micro-transactions, however, the good news is that they are merely there to speed up levelling which is not a big issue as they is no competitiveness in the game. Unless like me you want to be a higher level than your friends but that is a non-issue.

The game itself has a simple to use interface with it having buttons on the side and menus along the bottom. Much like the first game you can upgrade your home and pay off the cost via a loan, however in this game instead of owning a house you own a camper van which gets upgraded and customised. There are many small tasks you can complete in order to earn levels and bells (the currency) in order to pay off the cost of upgrading your van. When you do tasks you have to find the objects an animal would like to receive (photo on the right) and if you have the item/s you can give the animal them as a reward and you will become better friends with the animal which after each level of friendship it will increase your overall level.

I would highly recommend this game if you played any of the console/handheld versions of the Animal Crossing series as this game is a simple yet stunning remake that you can use when out and about with your phone. The only downsides with the game so far are the errors which occur from a high amount of players trying to access the game in a short period of time, since the release, Nintendo have been trying to resolve the issue and it should be resolved very shortly. There is a lot more in the game than I have talked about in this blog so if you would like to try the game out for yourself visit the official site here: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

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