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3D Modelling – The Era Of 3D Creativity

3d model design

3D Modelling – The Era Of 3D Creativity

When you think of 3D modelling, what comes to mind? 3D printing? CGI? Engineering (CAD)?  Or do you think of the creative digital side?

3D modelling is becoming incredibly relevant within so many different industries day by day, but more and more people are using it in creative design and I think it’s incredible what it allows a person to do. I was first intrigued by 3D modelling through gaming, seeing as everything is created through modelling. The level of detail that is put into each game is astonishing and in my opinion, heavily overlooked.

The reason for this blog is so I can showcase some of my favourite work, from environmental design to character creation, to just random creativity.

1. Starting off, we have environmental modelling, this is where the most attention to detail can really go, however, this is where the most detail can be overlooked. But if you can take time to appreciate the environment in either games or movies, you’ll see how much care goes into every aspect of the design.

Bram Z – ‘Ravine’

As you can see, everything from the path to each rock has been carefully modelled and textured. A project for something as simple as a pathway can take months to create! And in game or movie, you could just skip over this in seconds.

2. Secondly, we have character creation. Character creation is my favourite aspect of 3D modelling, just being able to see a character be created and be bought to life is just great to see. It’s hard to imagine that these full renders were once just simple shapes! With character creation, it isn’t just the final result that inspires me it’s the full thought and technical process behind it.

Marlon R. Nunez – Colonel Hans Landa

3. Last but not least, we have the random creative 3D modelling, this is normally less technical than character/environmental modelling, however, the ideas always blow my mind. How do people come up with ideas that are so simple and weird but look so good, I’ll never know!

Omar. Aquil – Cubist Compositions


If you’re interested in any more 3D designs then you can check them out on:




To finish off here’s a little something I worked on a few months back, it’s a doughnut inspired by Odd Futures logo. Hope you enjoy 🙂 .

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